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30 years of designing and manufacturing high quality ironmongery solutions

Loxta Hardware is family based company with significant experience in designing and manufacturing door and window hardware solutions. With our own manufacturing facilities, we have full control of the development process allowing us to deliver bespoke and novel products in a wide variety of materials and finishes.

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Brass, Stainless Steel, Aero Aluminium, Copper + More

Whatever the type of material you need, we have your back. We have a diverse customer base that have different requirements. If you are not sure what you need, just ask us - we would be more than happy to help.

Premium Materials, Premium Technology

Premium materials are only a third of the equation, the next step is how the material is formed into the final product. We have a wide range of options including True Hot Closed Die Forging, Fabrication, Casting & Sheet Work all under one roof.

ElectroCoat+ Coating Technology delivers superior corrosion resistance and over 50 different colours and finishes

ElectroCoat+ has been independently tested to over 1,600+ hours of salt spray corrosion, and 1,000+ hours of UV and Weather cycling stability, coming out as good as they went in. We know it can stand up to the test.

And, with our in-house plating plant we are able to provide a whole host of custom finishes from Polished Nickel to Brushed Copper. more about finishes

What Type Of Products Are You Looking For?

With over 30,000 products, we want to help find the right product.
Our Classic ranges deliver value based solutions, our Premium ranges make a statement & our Custom solution provides ultimate luxury

Custom made

Custom Made Handles for Ultimate Luxury

Our Custom Made Solution delivers Luxurious handles specific to your requirements. With our in house manufacturing and finishing capabilities, Loxta can deliver a wide veriety of solutions across door handles, pull handles, cabinet and more.

Custom Made also works well for restoration projects where you need designs to be recreated to bring your project back to life. Our reverse engineering capabilities allow us to recreate the designs from even just a photo.

Custom Made

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