Loxta brings elegance, excellence, and exceptional engineering to UK market

A British business has taken the interior hardware industry by storm with its commitment to elegance, excellence and exceptional engineering. As a turnkey designer, manufacturer and distributor, Loxta Hardware has already established itself as a go-to supplier for premium quality door fittings for both commercial and residential clients.

Shaun Singh, MD said, “There is no shortage of hardware retailers in the UK however none offer customers the quality, precision and exceptional customer care that Loxta Hardware delivers. While we’ve only been operating for several months we’ve already built up a diverse client base across the globe. We’ve welcomed the positive feedback and repeat orders from our customers and already have our sights set on expansion.”

The range is diverse and features an array of different styles. From sleek and modern to classic and functional, the company retails over 100 styles alone. Handles are manufactured in both sprung and unsprung designs, with the majority crafted with Stainless Steel, Hot Forged Aluminium and Hot Forged Brass.

The hardware is available in a range of high quality finishes that allow buyers to create seamlessly co-ordinated interiors. Antique brass, brushed silver, polished chrome, satin nickel and white powder coat are just some of the glosses on offer. As well as door handles Loxta Hardware also supplies locks and latches to ensure your projects run smoothly. Engineered to augment security and boost functionality, the products are available in Euro cylinder, mortice lock, bathroom lock and tubular latch designs.

To create its premium quality products Loxta Hardware utilises state-of-the-art hot forging and ElectroCoat technology. The hardware is forged by expert ironmongers with a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for creating A-grade products.Unlike its competitors Loxta Hardware operates its own manufacturing units. This allows the company to control the quality of every item that it distributes.

Shaun Singh, MD said, “Our major competitive edge is the fact that we’re a turnkey company that designs, manufactures and distributes our own products. This gives us superlative control over the entire process, from start to finish. As a result we can enforce meticulous quality control, as well as offer our customers expert service straight from the supplier.”

While operations are based on UK shores the company retails to clients across the globe. From independent interior designers and five star hotels, to fine dining restaurants and boutique cafes, Loxta Hardware has a door fittings solution for clients of all sizes and market sectors. As well as being synonymous with high quality hardware, the company is also committed to providing excellent customer service. The team appreciates that every client is unique and takes the time to create tailored packages accompanied by fantastic value for money.

About Loxta Hardware

Loxta Hardware is a UK based company that manufactures and distributes superior quality hardware products to clients across the globe. The range is extensive and has been curated to suit both residential and commercial needs. From modern and classy to function and durable, there’s a door handle solution for every application.

The manufacturing team boasts extensive knowledge in engineering, design and ironmongery, utilising hot forging and ElectroCoat coating to ensure every product meets the highest standards. Thanks to its own in-house manufacturing units the company is able to meticulously control the quality of every hardware product it distributes.

As well as exceptional quality Loxta Hardware is also committed to providing great customer service. The team appreciates that every customer has unique needs which is why it works closely with every client to create tailored packages. From small traders to large-scale distributors, value, service and satisfaction are guaranteed.

About The Author

Shaun Singh has been involved in the ironmongery and hardware industry for over 20 years. Growing up with the family business, Shaun first began work supporting production optimisation and product development before completing his Masters in Engineering from Loughborough University. Whilst remaining involved within the family business of door and window hardware, Shaun's experience within the automotive and energy sectors provided transferrable skills to bring back to Loxta, which he now runs as Managing Director.