Loxta Custom Made

Elegance and excellence - engineered. As designers and manufacturers of premium architectural hardware, we have the capability to custom manufacture products specifically for your projects or your brand. We follow a 4 step process under our custom made programme:

custom made door handles - specification

1 Specification

At the outset, it is important for us to work up a rough specification to allow us to understand what you need to allow us to work out how we can best support you. This normally happens through a general conversation as an initial starting point, and then develops into a formal specification, potentially with some rough concepts as we move further through the process.

2 Prototyping

Once the specification has been set, we will design the product to try and closely meet your needs, using DFM & DFA principles to ensure we realise the benefit of good design during the manufacturing process. With our in-house 3D rendering capabilities and 3D printing, we are able to visually show you how the product looks and feels before we start manufacturing.

custom made door handles - prototyping
custom made door handles - manufacturing

3 Manufacture

With our in-house tooling department, we are able to include our tooling knowledge during the design process as part of our concurrent engineering process. Tooling, where required, will be manufactured and tested in accordance with the agreed design. After tooling has been completed, we will start manufacturing and finishing the product against the custom design, leaving you with an amazing product.

4 Packaging

Brand awareness is a key part of any custom made programme, especially when dealing with the high end clients that this attracts. We have a number of on-product branding options and custom packaging that suit different materials and quantity levels. Beyond that, we have the logistics chains to deliver the product safely to a number of countries across the world to ensure we deliver an end-to-end solution.

custom made door handles - packaging