Loxta looking for reliable suppliers to 'handle' their business

Loxta - A UK based hardware company that produces and distributes internal and external door handles, window hardware, latches and locks could hold the 'key' to the smooth running of your business. Loxta are looking for hardware shops and distributors to become part of their distribution network.

More and more businesses are looking for reliable suppliers in the door handle and lock industry, and now, thanks to Loxta Hardware, business owners will be able to provide a better range of high quality ironmongery products handles, latches and locks to their customers. Loxta’s concise range offers something to cater to everyone's needs whether you’re looking for a more classic style or you're wanting to jazz-up the dullness of the office, they've got it 'locked' down!

All models are designed and manufactured by Loxta Hardware meaning that the entire process is managed by the in-house team guaranteeing high-quality finishes and a trustworthy product that will stand the test of time. Loxta design and manufacture high quality products from Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass & Copper. To deliver superior strength and touch we utilise “hot closed die forging” in conjunction with our ElectroCoat technology to deliver long lasting lustrous finishes.

The new range of high quality door handles and hardware will offer tremendous value to both small traders and large scale distributors. With the support of the new website, a great customer service team and a fantastic range, Loxta are expecting tremendous sales through their distribution network.

About Loxta

Loxta Hardware is a UK based company that produces and distributes superior quality hardware products, worldwide. Door handles and hardware are important features that complete a home or commercial setting, and Loxta Hardware has a range to suit everybody, from modernistic and classy, to functional and durable. We take our design work very seriously and are continuously looking to create new products.

About The Author

Shaun Singh has been involved in the ironmongery and hardware industry for over 20 years. Growing up with the family business, Shaun first began work supporting production optimisation and product development before completing his Masters in Engineering from Loughborough University. Whilst remaining involved within the family business of door and window hardware, Shaun's experience within the automotive and energy sectors provided transferrable skills to bring back to Loxta, which he now runs as Managing Director.