9869 Interflon Fin Super Dry Lubricant - 50ml Dropper Bottle

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Key Information
  • Minimize wear with utmost confidence.
  • Propellant-free, 100% pure product.
  • Compact, user-friendly packaging.
  • Drip-free, long-lasting lubricant with MicPol® technology.
  • Water-resistant, corrosion protection, and no stick slip.
Additional Information

Versatile, Long-Lasting Lubricant.

This multipurpose lubricant works indoors and outdoors, repelling water, dust, sand, and more. It removes and prevents rust, offering a comprehensive cleaning, lubricating, and protecting (CLP) solution. It goes on wet, cleansing, displacing moisture, breaking down deposits, and penetrating even the toughest spots. It's your go-to for loosening seized, rusted, and frozen parts, as well as guarding against rust and corrosion. Withstand high pressures, resist water wash-off, and stay clean from dirt, dust, and abrasives.

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