8010 Interflon Fin Super Dry Lubricant - 300ml Aerosol Can

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Key Information
  • Exceptional lubrication.
  • Remarkable penetration capability.
  • Effectively expels moisture and liberates seized and corroded components.
  • Effectively prevents rust while offering enduring anti-corrosion shield.
  • Leaves no blemishes or remnants, ensuring pristine results.
Additional Information

A high-performance dry-film lubricant with MicPol® technology. Ideal for various general lubrication needs across different conditions. It not only lubricates but also cleans, displaces moisture, breaks down deposits, and reaches inaccessible areas.

Effective for freeing seized, rusted, or frozen parts, reducing friction noise, and preventing dirt and rust buildup. Forms a clean, dry lubrication film to minimize wear on moving parts. Resists high pressures, water wash-off, and doesn't attract dirt or dust.

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