9075 Interflon Lube TF Dry Film Lubricant - 500ml Aerosol Can

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Key Information
  • Confidently provides long-lasting wear protection.
  • Effectively inhibits rust and corrosion.
  • Demonstrates strong resistance to water washout and contaminants.
  • Exhibits excellent dry operation characteristics.
  • Leaves no residue, stains, or fling while displacing moisture, even in electrical applications.
Additional Information

An adaptable, industrial-grade dry-film lubricant featuring MicPolŽ technology. Tailored for diverse machine, cable, and chain lubrication and maintenance tasks across various environments. Creates a robust, long-lasting solid film lubricant, extending lubrication lifespan while reducing water susceptibility and minimizing friction and wear.

Applies as a liquid, cleansing, displacing moisture, breaking down deposits, and penetrating hard-to-reach areas. Frees seized, rusted, and stuck components, preventing dirt accumulation and corrosion.

Produces a durable, non-staining dry lubrication film that significantly reduces wear on moving parts. Withstands high pressures, resists water wash-off, eliminates stick-slip, and doesn't attract dirt, dust, or abrasives.

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