Permabond POP Polyolefin Cyanoacrylate Surface Primer - 50ml

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Key Information
  • For priming polyolefins (such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE etc)
  • Use with all cyanoacrylate adhesives. NB: not recommended for use with other types of adhesive (e.g. epoxy)
  • Cost-effective, can be used instead of flame, corona and plasma treatment
  • Better workplace health and safety materials handling than acid-etching
  • Also suitable for priming silicone rubber for bonding with cyanoacrylate adhesive
Additional Information

Permabond® POP Primer has been developed for surface treatment of polyolefins, PTFE and silicones prior to bonding with Permabond® Cyanoacrylate adhesives. Due to their low surface energy, plastics such as PTFE, Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE) and Silicones are difficult to bond without special surface treatment. However, after treatment with Permabond® Polyolefin Primer, durable bonds stronger than the substrate material can be achieved.

How to Use The Permabond POP Primer

1) Surfaces should be clean, dry and grease-free prior to primer application
2) Permabond® POP should be applied only to the low energy surfaces by wiping (using a clean cloth or brush), dipping or spraying 
3) The components must be allowed to dry at ambient temperature prior to bonding
4) For polyolefins, bonding with Permabond® cyanoacrylate adhesive can be performed up to 2 hours after POP treatment (this may be less depending on the particular blend of polyolefin). Immediate bonding is recommended for PTFE
5) Handling time and cure speed will depend on the substrates and adhesive selected. (Handling time is the time from when the joint is assembled to the time when adequate strength has developed for the joint to be handled)
6) For maximum bond strength, allow adhesive to cure for 24 hours at 23°C
** Permabond® POP is formulated to minimise attack and maximise performance on certain plastics. However, it is recommended that the product is tested for compatibility prior to use in production

All information on this page offers guideline information. This does not constitute a specification and advice may change from time to time. Please get in touch if you require specific advice.

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