Permabond 2K Surface Primer Kit - 20g Part A + 1g Part B

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Key Information
  • Universal Adhesion: Permabond 2K Primer significantly increases adhesion strength on nearly all substrates, including metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, and composite materials.
  • Enhanced Durability: The primer dramatically improves joint durability in harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting bonds. Visible
  • Surface Preparation: The red-colored solution shows clear surface "wetting ability," indicating if the surface is ready for bonding or needs more preparation.
  • Environmental Protection: Not only does it show the condition of the surface, but it also helps protect the joint from environmental attack, making it ideal for underwater or harsh conditions.
  • Easy Application: The primer ensures an easy and efficient application process, making it a valuable addition to any bonding assembly.
Additional Information

Permabond® A1042 is ideal for preparing metal, glass, plastic and composite materials ready for bonding with engineering adhesives. It contains an adhesion promotor which increases adhesion strength. It also gives a visible indication of whether a surface is “wetting out” properly (i.e. ready for bonding) or if further surface preparation is required. Permabond 2K Primer helps to protect metal surfaces, thus improving durability in harsh conditions.

How to Use The Permabond 2K Primer Kit

1) Degrease and lightly abrade all bond areas and remove dust
2) Combine contents of A & B bottles into the larger bottle and then attach the sprayer cap
3) Shake well
4) Spray the bond area with a thin layer of the mixed primer to test the "wetting". If the surface is "wet" then the spray will be an even film. If it is pooling then the surface is not wet and requires more surface preparation
5) If the surface "wetting" is good, then remove excess 2K Primer with a clean dry cloth or tissue
6) Allow the surface to thoroughly dry prior to bonding
7) Use the primer within 8 hours of mixing

All information on this page offers guideline information. This does not constitute a specification and advice may change from time to time. Please get in touch if you require specific advice.

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