Permabond 910 Metal Bonding Cyanoacrylate Superglue - 20ml

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Key Information
  • Permabond 910 is a methyl cyanoacrylate super glue
  • This is particularly strong and durable when bonding metals
  • Key features: low viscosity and excellent environmental durability
  • Prepare surfaces by cleaning and degreasing
  • Application involves applying to one of the substrates sparingly and quickly bringing the components together
Additional Information

PERMABOND® 910 is the original 100%-methyl cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is a single part, low viscosity liquid that will cure rapidly at room temperature when pressed into a thin film between parts. PERMABOND 910 will cure to a fixture strength in 10 seconds on most surfaces and strength develops rapidly. The adhesive was designed specifically for the bonding of metal surfaces, and provides excellent bond strength to steel, aluminum and most metal surfaces. The methyl cyanoacrylate will also adhere well to a wide variety of other materials including most plastics and rubbers.

Please note that the 910 was also known as the Permabond C3.

Please note that the 910 also has an Aerospace Approval No. BMS 5-36D Type I

Surface Preparation Prior to Using Permabond 910

Surfaces should be clean, dry and grease-free before applying the adhesive. Use a suitable solvent (such as acetone or isopropanol) for the degreasing of surfaces. Some metals such as aluminium, copper and its alloys will benefit from light abrasion with emery cloth (or similar), to remove the oxide layer.

How To Use Permabond 910

1) Apply the adhesive sparingly to one surface
2) Bring the components together quickly and correctly aligned
3) Apply sufficient pressure to ensure the adhesive spreads into a thin film
4) Do not disturb or re-align until sufficient strength is achieved, normally in a few seconds
5) Any surplus adhesive can be removed with Permabond CA solvent, nitromethane or acetone

All information on this page offers guideline information. This does not constitute a specification and advice may change from time to time. Please get in touch if you require specific advice.

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