5440 UltraGrime Life 40 XXL Anti-Bac Cloth Wipes
5440 UltraGrime Life 40 XXL Anti-Bac Cloth Wipes
5440 UltraGrime Life 40 XXL Anti-Bac Cloth Wipes
5440 UltraGrime Life 40 XXL Anti-Bac Cloth Wipes

5440 UltraGrime Life 40 XXL Anti-Bac Cloth Wipes

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Key Information
  • Dual action cleaner and sanitiser, with a Citrus Home Fresh scent
  • Super king size for easy use, 40 wipes with a cloth size of 380mm x 250mm
  • Safe for use on multiple types of surfaces
  • Resealable pack, stays wet and usable for over an hour, doesn't dry out quickly when lid is left open
  • Safe on hands & dermatologically tested. Alcohol free with Vitamin E and Aloe extract
Additional Information

Stave off germs and keep your surroundings immaculate with our XXL+ Clothwipes. These industrial-strength wipes are engineered to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, ensuring your tools, vehicles, workplace, and home are germ-free and sparkling clean.

Not your average wipe, these XXL+ Clothwipes boast an unprecedented size and unrivalled absorbency, making them capable of tackling the most stubborn grime. Don't let their size fool you; one wipe stretches far beyond your expectations.

Our wipes aren't just bigger and better; they're stronger too. The cloth-like fabric guarantees durability, resisting rips and deterioration during use. The best part? These wipes maintain their moisture longer than any other product on the market. Say goodbye to flimsy paper towels and expensive cleaning solutions, and experience the ease of transitioning between messes with our versatile wipes.

Each pack contains 40 XXL+ Clothwipes, each measuring 38cm x 25cm - double the size of typical wipes. They're dual-action powerhouses, cleaning and sanitising with a pleasant Citrus Home Fresh scent. Antibacterial and exceeding EN1276 sanitising efficacy, they stay wet and usable for over an hour - a stark contrast to standard wipes that dry out in just minutes.

Even if you accidentally leave the lid open, our wipes will remain fresh and usable for days. Encased in flexible, recyclable packaging, these wipes are hand-safe and suitable for all surfaces, ensuring a gentle touch to both hands and surfaces. Each pack dispenses one wipe at a time, preventing cross-contamination and promoting waste reduction.

Our XXL+ Clothwipes are perfect for tackling any surface in your home, eliminating all sorts of dirt and grime. Their large size and excellent moisture retention make them ideal for cleaning multiple floor surfaces - tiles, wood, vinyl, and even carpets.

These wipes are a bathroom essential; they'll make your sinks, taps, and splash-boards shine and, thanks to their antibacterial properties, germ-free. Conveniently packaged, they can be stashed away for the next user.

For those particularly germ-prone areas like bathrooms and toilets, our wipes are a game-changer. Their robust germ-killing ability, coupled with a refreshing Citrus Home Fresh scent, will leave your bathroom both clean and fragrant.

Make our XXL+ Clothwipes a staple in your family car for those inevitable mishaps. They're perfect for cleaning up spills and grease after a day out, ensuring your car remains clean and fresh. Plus, they're gentle and safe on hands.

Try our XXL+ Clothwipes today and experience a new standard in cleanliness!

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