5410 UltraGrime Life 40 XXL Multipurpose Pomelo Cloth Wipes
5410 UltraGrime Life 40 XXL Multipurpose Pomelo Cloth Wipes

5410 UltraGrime Life 40 XXL Multipurpose Pomelo Cloth Wipes

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Key Information
  • Powerful yet safe cleaner, with a Luxury Pomelo scent
  • Super king size for easy use, 40 wipes with a cloth size of 380mm x 250mm
  • Safe for use on multiple types of surfaces
  • Resealable pack, stays wet and usable for over an hour, doesn't dry out quickly when lid is left open
  • Safe on hands & dermatologically tested. Alcohol free with Vitamin E and Aloe extract
Additional Information

Introducing the XXL+ Clothwipes, your ultimate weapon against the stubborn grime of everyday life! These aren't your regular wipes - they're BIGGER, WETTER, and STRONGER. With their generous size of 38cm x 25cm, they're twice as large as common wipes, ready to tackle the most gigantic spills and the toughest jobs.

Crafted from cloth-like fabric, XXL+ Clothwipes are built to last. They won't rip or deteriorate during use. Forget about the disappointment of dry, unusable wipes. Our XXL+ Clothwipes stay wet and ready for action for over 60 minutes - a stark contrast to most wipes that dry out in just 5-10 minutes. Even if you leave the lid open for days, your XXL+ Clothwipes will stay moist and ready for duty.

But that's not all! Our wipes are infused with a luxurious Pomelo scent, transforming your cleaning experience with a refreshing aroma. The packaging is flexible and recyclable, reducing waste, while the wipes themselves are kind to your hands and all surfaces.

XXL+ Clothwipes are perfect for all surfaces around your home. Their large size and high moisture retention make them ideal for cleaning worktops, window sills, tiles, wood, vinyl, and even carpets! Keep a pack in your bathroom for a quick freshen-up - the Pomelo scent will leave it smelling great!

Moreover, these wipes are 100% biodegradable within 6 months as per EN14046. So, you can clean your home without harming the environment.

Heading out? Don't forget to pack XXL+ Clothwipes in your car. They're perfect for cleaning up after a day at the beach or a country walk, or even after a fast-food lunch.

Invest in XXL+ Clothwipes and elevate your cleaning game! It's not just a purchase, it's an investment in a cleaner, fresher lifestyle. Don't miss out, grab your pack of XXL+ Clothwipes today!

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