Permabond A1046 Rapid Cure High Strength Threadlocker & Retainer Adhesive - 10ml & 50ml

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Key Information
  • Permabond A1046 is an anaerobic compound for locking and sealing metal parts.
  • It provides strength, durability, and cost savings.
  • Key features: toughness, quick curing, bonding different materials, and longer life.
  • Prepare surfaces by cleaning and roughening; use additives for faster curing on specific materials.
  • Application involves a circumferential bead on the female part.
Additional Information

Permabond A1046 is a rapid curing retaining compound designed to provide permanent locking and sealing of metal parts such as bearings, gears, pulleys, and threaded components. It exhibits high strength and excellent durability, even under the most arduous conditions. Permabond A1046 helps joints resist vibration, fatigue, and fretting corrosion, which allows machining tolerances to be relaxed and mechanical locking devices to be eliminated. Permabond A1046 will help reduce processing costs

This product is also known as “Perma-Lok” A1046.

Surface Preparation Prior to Using Permabond A1046

Anaerobic adhesives can handle a bit of surface contamination, but for optimal results, ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and degreased. Consider using a suitable solvent-based cleaner, like acetone or isopropanol. Generally, roughened surfaces (~25?m) deliver stronger bond strengths than polished or ground surfaces. To cut down the curing time, especially on inactive surfaces such as zinc, aluminium, or stainless steel, you might want to use Permabond A905 or ASC10.

How To Use Permabond A1046

1) Preferably, apply a bead around the female component. Assemble it using a twisting motion.
2) For bigger components, use thixotropic products to stop any runoff.
3) Make sure the adhesive doesn't get into ball races or other mechanisms.

All information on this page offers guideline information. This does not constitute a specification and advice may change from time to time. Please get in touch if you require specific advice.

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