KT54599 Square Tubular Mortice Door Latch, Premium

KT54599 Square Tubular Mortice Door Latch, Premium

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This premium tubular latch is available in 2 finishes, satin stainless steel and satin brass in 2 key sizes:

  • 46mm backset with a 66mm case size
  • 58mm backset with a 79mm case size

The front face of the latch comes with square edges and is in a rectangular format and is 57mm high and 26mm wide. Also included with this latch is a matching strike plate that fits onto the door frame to house the latchbolt which is 57mm high and 34mm wide including the lip to allow the latchbolt to slide into the frame.

The latchbolt itself is 13mm high, 11mm wide and protrudes from the latch body by 9mm.

These latches are sprung for standard duty use and are to be utilised with sprung door handles. The latch allows for an 8mm spindle to pass through the latch to allow the door handles to operate.

All fixings are included to install the latch, please note that spindles are not included.

Note: Manufacturing tolerances do apply to all dimensions

Tubular Latches

This tubular latch is ready to fit with any existing or new door handle that comes with an 8mm spindle. Alternatively if you have a smaller spindle size then we have converters available to bring the spindle to 8mm.

If you do additionally need locking capabilities then you can purchase an sashlock that has a latch and lock integrated into a single unit, or you can also purchase a deadlock which is a locking unit only (can be useful if you need to place a lock some distance away from your handle location).


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